It is always great to spread the word on upcoming events and promotional happenings in your store. CSM Version 3 offers a great tool to help get the word out to your customers with Coupon Manager. This is a great tool to educate customers about new items, special discounts or unique happenings at your location.

Coupons can print with receipts as well as when specified items are purchased. You can even have Discounts or Promotions attached to them. Coupons can be scheduled and allow a grace period after expiration for those late comers! You can enter your own unique message to print with the coupon.

Let’s walk through an example of how Coupon Manager works. In this example we will be creating a Coupon to print with every order promoting Poetry Night every Tuesday. As an added bonus, we will attach a 20% discount on orders during the event.

CSM Coupon Manager

  • Coupon Manager is located in Maintenance. Select Maintenance | Coupon Manager

  • Select New

  • Enter a unique Coupon ID. For example: Poet’s Cove Coupon

  • Enter a Description. For example: Poetry Night Coupon

  • Enter a Begin & Expires Date. Note: If you would like the coupon to be continuous, simply set the Expires date for 1 year or more later.

  • Enter a message to appear in Coupon Text. For example: Join us Tuesday nights at 7pm for Poetry Night. Bring this coupon in for 20% off. 

  • Select Add New under Discount to create a discount to attach to the Coupon

CSM Add Discount

  • Discounts can be scheduled for specific dates and times. For our example we have entered a 20% discount to apply to all items purchased on Tuesdays. When you have saved your new Discount, select Exit to return to the Coupon Manager. Then you can simply pick the Discount from the drop-down list to attach it to the Coupon.

  • Select Save to complete the Coupon set up. Now the Coupon will print out with each order for your customer to take advantage of!