When The Morning Rush Hits

You Need More Than Just An App

Easy Ordering, Excellent Service

Empower your baristas to take orders quickly and accurately with the innovative Espresso Builder ordering system. Don’t rely on a rigid ordering system that’s not right for coffee! With Coffee Shop Manager baristas can easily build and modify drinks in the order your customers say them, ensuring that all flavors, shots and custom drinks are right the first time.

  • Easily adaptable for customizing smoothies, ice cream, yogurt, pizza, sandwiches or for ordering other food & drink items.
  • Get Visual – Add customized photos and graphics to your screens.
  • Smart Upsell feature reminds cashiers to include suggested items on every order.
  • Multiple screen layout options and time-based menus give you maximum flexibility for large menus.
  • Use a barcode scanner to sell retail items.
  • Print receipts, cup labels or use a kitchen display to communicate effectively with your baristas.

Food Preparation Made Easy

The Coffee Shop Manager Kitchen Module is designed to streamline operations from kitchen to customer. Once an order is completed at the POS, the “Order Ticket” shows up on a Kitchen Touch Screen in the order it was received. This process monitors orders and allows you to select from a list of orders, when it was ordered and when it was finished.

Incredible Tools for Incredible Service

Give every customer a red-carpet experience with integrated tools to help you deliver your shop’s unique brand of service – one latte at a time.

  • Stored Value Cards: Reusable, magnetic cards with your logo on them eliminate costly terminal and transaction fees to give you the benefits of:
  • Pre-Paid Accounts: Customer deposit money on their account and can then quickly and easily reorder using their card.  Attach a customer picture using our built-in “Take Photo” option
  • Customer Loyalty: Reward your customers for their purchases by issuing rewards on their receipts. Integrated with our automated marketing solution for even more loyalty power.
  • Gift Cards: Allow customers to purchase gift cards for others – encourage recharging when they are depleted!
  • Use our multi-store solutions to allow this customer data to be shared across multiple locations.

Seamless Cafe Table Service

The Coffee Shop Manager table service module simplifies cafe dining and table service. Easily manage your tables with a graphic dining room layout with as many seating sections as you need. Simplify food service with powerful tools to help you track orders by table or individual seats, split tickets. Handle simple and complex service needs – ring up another round of drinks, move guests to a larger table and then wrap up the day with bulk tip entry and server closing reports.

One for All, and All for One

With CSM you can track orders by single ticket or by individual seats. Splitting the bill is easy with software that does it for you. Squash arguments with the split a dish feature that lets you split a dish, like appetizers, across multiple tickets.

Now Featuring a Customer Facing Display

Coffee shop manager now has Customer Display capability! Use with the Touch Dynamic “rear display” monitor that fits on your all-in-one computer, or with any small, secondary monitor. The customers can watch real time as you ring them up. A special promotions area of the display will highlight your customizable marketing messages.

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Over 1,300 Customers

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