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Powerful management tools and complete control you need to grow your multi-store coffee shop business

By pushing and pulling data between multiple stores and a central location, Coffee Shop Manager HQ helps you to take control of your business like never before with a powerful suite of centralized management tools, insightful reporting capabilities and multi-store loyalty and gift card functionality. Coffee Shop Manager HQ saves you time and money by increasing the efficiency of back office operations and simplifying administrative and bookkeeping tasks.

All Your Data, Conveniently Located

When you’ve got coffee shops scattered around the city – or around the globe – you need the power of data to help you make decisions. N2K (Numbers to Knowledge) brings all your POS data together, every 15 minutes. Detailed reports and store comparisons give you the power to run your business effectively.

Access on the Go

Check the morning coffee rush remotely or give your bookkeeper access to the numbers she needs. With N2K, it’s all available in an easy web-based interface that does not require secure remote access to your store point of sale system, and does not interfere with store operations.

Centralized Management Tools

  • Make organization-wide menu changes and synchronize all locations
  • Manage menu pricing for the entire chain
  • Add and manage employee data for any store location
  • Set user permissions to control which employees can access the system
  • Simplify administrative tasks so you can focus on building your business
  • Synchronized push and pull timely sales data to increase accuracy and profit

Sophisticated Reporting Capabilities

  • Secure and accurate data transfer to and from individual store locations for a clear picture of the entire organization
  • Access sales data for individual stores or multiple stores
  • Easy access to employee hour reports and time-clock information by store or for the entire organization
  • Powerful reporting functionality to provide an in-depth view of sales, inventory, cost and labor information
  • Export sales information for all locations into one database for Quickbooks.

The Data You Need, Pushed to You

Your N2K dashboard is customizable to show you the charts, graphs and alerts that matter to you. Define comparison criteria and view trends, or manage by exception. Schedule alerts and reports to be emailed to you. Unlimited users and roles with customized dashboards for each let you define views for different levels of your organization.

Multi-Store Loyalty and Gift Card Program

  • Offer multi-store prepaid cards to reduce credit card processing fees
  • Sell company gift cards to boost in-store sales and bring in new customers
  • Track customer purchases and issue in-store loyalty rewards
  • Build a community by rewarding your best customers for their purchases

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