Complete Data

At Your Fingertips

Alerts and Critical Business Data

  • Key Metrics: Automatically email manager alerts from dozens of reports with data accessible from any time frame let you easily analyze your business.
  • Performance: Reliable in-store server and web-based technology roots give you easy access and control.
  • Trends: Dive deep with trend reporting to get a big picture look at your business.
  • Inventory + Labor: Full labor and inventory management makes tracking costs easy.
  • Forecasts: Key insights to help you predict item sales and forecast data.
  • CSM HQ: Manage multi-store locations with our web-based N2K (Numbers to Knowledge) reporting tools and our Central Menu Management system. 

Labor Reporting

  • Employee “Staff Center” provides a personalized employee dashboard with
    important info about their performance, schedule, communications and more.

  • Integrated time clock records employee hours.

  • Time Clock reports provide you valuable payroll information.

  • Employee task management helps you schedule and track recurring to-dos.

  • Employee scheduling features make it easy to manage your team.

  • Integrated e-mail and time off requests keeps communication flowing.

Comprehensive Management Features

CSM has complete built in reporting to help you better manage your shop. Track sales through numerous sales reports, X/Y reports for cash handing accuracy, inventory reports including value and reorder reports, sales tax, employee hours and flash reports allow you to instantly see employee hours and sales right at a register. Reports are exportable as various file types including to Quickbooks and allow you to make timely and informed business decisions. Manage your employees with the build in time clock and biometric fingerprint authentication. No need for separate credit card processing, run credit cards thought CSM securely with PA-DSS validated processing.

  • Comprehensive reporting including sales reports, Z/X reports, sales tax, inventory listings.  Export reports to Word or Excel, email or HTML.
  • Integration with Quickbooks Pro for easy accounting processes.
  • Consolidate multi-store data with our Headquarters Module
  • Built-in backup processes to store data locally, or subscribe to our online back up solution.
  • Inventory tracking tools give you sophisticated analysis of food costs and assist with the purchase order process.
  • Role-based security helps you keep control over permissions.

Get to the Bottom Line

Sales are key. With our easy to use Management Module you can run reports to see how your sales are adding up. Monitor deliveries, Sales, Online Orders and much more. Watch our Demo today and learn how Thr!ve can help you start selling more today.

Know Where You Stand

Dozens of reports with data accessible from any time frame let you easily analyze your business. Modern browser-based technology lets you view, print or export reports anytime from any computer with internet access – anywhere in the world – without tying up a store terminal.

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