This is a great time of year to take care of some housekeeping in your CSM system. CSM offers a worksheet to complete a physical inventory of the items listed in CSM to make adjustments in Inventory Maintenance for accurate item tracking with the Physical Inventory Sheet report.
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This report is located in Reports | Inventory and is designed to print out on a full-sized (8.5” x 11”) printer to allow staff to count items and mark on the sheet. The report shows what CSM currently shows on hand. Once the staff has completed the sheet, managers can use the Reconcile Physical Inventory utility to quickly make adjustments Inventory items.

Managers and owners can access this from the main page of CSM through Inventory | Reconcile Physical Inventory. These are great tools to use on Spring Cleaning Coffee POSa monthly basis to make sure your Inventory counts in CSM are accurate.

Having a monthly ‘maintenance checklist’ can help you keep your system in top speed. Here are some recommended checklist items:
• Complete Windows Updates
• Complete CSM software Updates
• Remove any backups stored on the external drive used daily that are older than 2 months
• Complete a Physical Inventory and adjust CSM Inventory quantities
• Review Recommended Re-Orders to determine quantity needs
• Clean out area around POS equipment to remove dust and dirt that may clog up system fans
• Complete a full system anti-virus scan on all machines