Working with our coffee industry experts over the years, we realize that no two cups of coffee are really the same. Just like diamonds have the 4 Cs (cut, carat, color, clarity),  coffee has the FAAB 4. The basics of understanding coffee are Flavor, Aroma, Acidity, and Body. When learning about a particular coffee or roast these four are the key components.Just like each of these elements describe a unique brew, your coffee shop’s technology should be just as unique.These elements go beyond the coffee cup and can be used for discovering your coffee POS system as well.

coffee shop POSFlavor

The flavor speaks to what experts call the the “profile” of the coffee, often including words such as “nutty”, “floral” or “citrusy”. This is what you taste when each sip hits your taste buds.

Similarly, your shop has its own unique flavor and personality. Your coffee point of sale should be just as customized as your business, created to highlight your specialized menu and offerings.


The same types of words are often used when describing the scent that invades your nose when you take in the savory steam of your favorite brew. Sometimes aroma and flavor can be contradictory, adding to the complexity of the roast.

While your point-of-sale may not “smell” per say, these different layers are an element often found in your POS system as well. It looks simple and easy to use, yet the more you delve into it there are many more feature-rich and custom layers. 


The level of acidity is determined by where the coffee hits your tongue. Think about a good sip of orange juice… when that tang that hits the sides of your tongue and the jawline, that’s what makes OJ ‘high acidity’ or ‘bright’. Some coffee drinkers prefer a more intense, higher acidity flavor while others may not. 

A specialized coffee point of sale can be catered to any preference to fit perfectly with the way you run your business. 


Full bodied. Clean finish. Well balanced. How does the coffee weigh on your tongue? Is it heavy like milk or light like water? Is the overall taste complex and layered? Do you experience different levels of acidity and flavor through the tasting?

Ask yourself similar questions when evaluating a coffee point-of-sale solution:How about when you navigate your POS system? Do you find it has layers with each click into a different section?

Coffee Shop Manager

Tasting + CSM: The Perfect Blend

Learning to be a master taster takes years of training and practice in the coffee world, but there is no reason you cannot become the master of your Coffee Shop Manager system in just a matter of months. It’s about peeling back one layer at a time and focusing on what you want the system to do for you.

Start off taking a look at your location…

  • What is the “flavor” of your customers?
  • Is your place the local hang out for high school or college students?
  • Is your shop the perfect setting for work meetings or stay-at-home parents?
  • What loyalty programs do you have in place to keep them coming in?
  • What is the Aroma of your location?
  • Are your customers enticed by the smells of fresh roasted beans or sweet, flakey scones?
  • What promotions are given to increase sales on your main-stays or newest item offerings?
  • How about that Acidity? Do you invite bright, lively events such as live music or is your location about the low-key atmosphere of poetry readings and book clubs?
  • What membership benefits do you provide to keep them coming back?
  • Your “body”; What is your staff like?
  • Is your team bold and enthusiastic, engaging your customers in witty banter and bringing smiles to the faces of your regulars as they are joyfully greeted?
  • Are they heavy weight contenders to the feeling of the place?

Perhaps your staff is full of incredible coffee knowledge that they offer in quiet, simple conversations with Coffee Shop POSyour customers.

  • Do you often receive raving reviews from your customers about how your staff is a big
    part of why they come in every week?
  • What loyalty offerings are provided to your employees?
  • Did you know your customers can offer a tip from their gift card balance in CSM?
  • What about offering a discount solely for employees that can be tracked in the system?

Yup. All of this is totally possible in CSM. You can offer coupons to your customers when certain items are purchased or with every transaction to talk up events and new items ‘coming soon’. Loyalty plans are easily set up and tracked through even easier to manage customer accounts. Want to send an email out to customers who haven’t visited in over 30 days? Check out the Customer Communications utility. Want to raise the bar on your marketing strategies? Incorporate SalesBuilder.

Anything is easy once you know how to do it, but if you don’t know how to learn what you don’t know well… then what? You use your resources! Call your support team, talk to your fellow industry peers, talk to your staff and your customers about what they want to see in your business. Soon you will be a FAABulous master of your customer offerings in your Coffee Shop Manager System!