Owners Jeff and Mary Marsh strive to make Hinee Gourmet Coffee feel the way a neighborhood coffee shop should feel. You’ll feel right at home with their cozy, relaxed atmosphere, delicious baked goods, and friendly staff.  Jeff and Mary realize the importance of customer retention and satisfaction, and with Granbury’s SalesBuilder loyalty and rewards system, they’ve found a way to stay connected with each of their customers.

Hinee Gourmet CoffeeTheir name may sound funny, but their coffee is serious! Since 2011, Hinee Gourmet Coffee has been serving the hand-crafted coffees and espressos in the small Texas town of Helotes, just outside of San Antonio. Their name is a clever twist on the memorable and catchy Hiney Winery commercials popular in the early 1980’s. Hinee was the first independently and locally owned coffee shop of its kind in Helotes, and owners Jeff and Mary are embracing the evolving nature of the coffee industry.

Like many brand new local coffee shops, when they first opened Hinee utilized a punch card
system to reward loyal customers with free or discounted items. Whenever possible, Hinee staff asked customers to fill out their contact information on a sheet of paper to later input into a spreadsheet. They would then send out marketing emails to customers using a popular online email blasting tool.

Although it got the job done, this process soon became tedious, costly, and time consuming.
Hinee Gourmet Coffee There had to be a better option out there than manually managing customer loyalty and marketing.

When Hinee Gourmet Coffee implemented SalesBuilder, a loyalty and marketing tool that connects directly with their Coffee Shop Manager POS system, Jeff immediately noticed an increase in customer visits and revenue. “By switching from our old punch card system to SalesBuilder, we have convinced customers that we are growing and moving forward with technology, which has helped increase our volume.”

Hinee customers responded positively to the new style of personalized emails and promotions, so it was soon apparent that their decision to use SalesBuilder was paying off. With SalesBuilder, staff members sign customers up for the loyalty program directly from the POS during the ordering process, eliminating the cumbersome task of filling out a written form. The days of inputting numerous emails into an online email blasting program and being charged for every email they sent out are also gone. With SalesBuilder, the customers’ email addresses automatically sync from the POS, and Jeff and Mary can send an unlimited number of emails to their customers at no extra cost.

Jeff and Mary know that these innovative marketing tools are the secret ingredient to growth in the future. By embracing integrated customer loyalty technology Hinee Coffee can continue to grow strong customer relationships in the Helotes community while improving the quality service that keeps locals coming back for more!