Loyal customers are the backbone of any successful business. Only 4% of non-loyalty customers will return 3 times, while there is a 67% chance a customer will return 3 times if provided with loyalty incentives. These numbers speak volumes! Coffee Shop Manager lets you add money to a card and track that account’s purchases and loyalty offerings as well as sort accounts to effectively track loyalty activity and determine promotional options. Loyalty via Discounts, Gift Cards and Promotional Offerings can increase your sales for the long haul.
Marketing your coffee shop you know you need to get these new customers to come back, so let’s look at ways to reel them in…

  • Theme events let you ensure sales during a specific time, helping you plan for labor and inventory costs. What about a Trivia night or even an open mic night? The average coffee customers are middle class adults with commuter jobs and families. Event nights offer an alternate to the bar scene and a way to boost sales during the week. Customers invite their friends, generating even more loyal customers.
  • Discounts are a great way spotlight menu items as well as higher profit margin offerings. Who says there are rules on Happy Hour? A $2 sweet treat sounds great after work! Paired with a discounted specialty drink makes for a very happy hour!
  • There are 8.3% more female customers than male entering dining establishments. Why not celebrate them? Consider a ‘Ladies Night’ or ‘Mom’s Club’ and offer discounts to these loyal customers.
  • Don’t forget about the book club crowd! Just because they are reading from a Kindle doesn’t mean your customers don’t want to sit and discuss it. Offer a membership discount or promotion to these guaranteed spenders.
coffee shop manager
  • What about the ‘telecommuters’? Yes, they may ‘camp’ a bit, but if you offer them incentives, it is well worth it. Think about a “computer commuter breakfast” special or “video-chat vanilla frappe”. Memberships can be tracked through your Customer Accounts and the sales benefits can be viewed in your reports to monitor successes and opportunities.
  • Gift Cards build your customer base. CSM offers the ability to reload cards as well as offer incentives. What about offering a $5 additional credit on a $50 card load? That is only a 10% expense to you, but a free drink (average price) to the customer.
  • Maybe you have an item that you are wanting to boost sales on. Promotions help tie in spotlighted items and keep your customers coming back for more. Promotions can be scheduled including an end date grace period and with the option to print a coupon, you will be sure to get the word out! Promotions are tracked through the customer’s Gift Card account and can be monitored through your reports.

With all of these loyalty options you are set to build your loyalty base and increase your sales! Mix and match and combine strategies to find what works best with your customers and invest in a strategy over a month, quarter, or year. Set some marketing goals, and use your POS to help you track and achieve them, one latte at a time! Want to learn more about coffee shop loyalty marketing?