Coffee Shop Manager, a leading provider of specialized point-of-sale technology for coffee shops, announced this week that the software is officially certified to begin processing EMV transactions with merchant partner Mercury Payment Systems.

EMV has become the new payment security standard among merchants and payment processors to protect businesses and consumers from credit card fraud. Also called “Chip-and-Signature,” EMV is quickly becoming the global standard for secure credit card payments as EMV cards contain an embedded chip that protects cardholder information from becoming vulnerable to fraud. As of October 1, 2015 the liability for counterfeit transactions shifted from credit card issuers to merchants in the event that a counterfeit EMV card is presented for payment at the merchant but is swiped or entered manually.

Coffee Shop Manager Point of Sale

“Granbury Solutions and Coffee Shop Manager have partnered with the industry’s leading payment processors to provide the most secure, modern restaurant credit card processing options” said Granbury CEO Tom Bronson. “Our goal is to provide our customers with the most secure and up to date payment processing technology.”

Coffee Shop Manager is the only Point of Sale technology designed specifically for coffee owners, by coffee owners. The comprehensive suite of business tools for coffee shops empowers store owners to track and control every aspect of their coffee business. Tools such as automated loyalty marketing and mobile ordering make it easy for business owners to keep customers coming back. Coffee Shop Manager’s tools are available as an affordable subscription starting at $99 a month or for purchase with customizable hardware and software packages to fit any business.

About Coffee Shop Manager
Coffee Shop Manager is a division of Granbury Solutions, a leading provider of restaurant technology nationwide. With integrated point-of-sale, online, mobile and self serve applications, and automated marketing and customer loyalty solutions, Granbury offers restaurant and coffee shop operators a single source for their technology needs.

About Granbury Solutions
From point-of-sale to enterprise management, online ordering to restaurant marketing, Granbury Solutions has brought together experienced industry leaders to provide our customers with end-to-end technology solutions and superior service. With roots in quick service, pizza, delivery, fast casual and full service, our solutions are comprehensive and tuned to your unique needs. Our innovative approach to restaurant technology development and implementation enables our clients to maximize their technology dollars and minimize the complexity of managing their operation.