Last time we sat down with Cabin Coffee in the summer of 2013, founders Brad and Angie Barber had just recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary and were watching their business grow by leaps and bounds year over year. Now approaching the halfway point of 2015, the Cabin Coffee Company is opening a new store on average every year all while remembering to “Just Be Happy…and Have Fun!”.

Coffee Shop Manager has definitely been happy to play a part in helping this care and community driven coffee chain grow to now operate 12 locations across 5 different states with its comprehensive point-of-sale and specialty coffee technology solutions. But what makes Coffee Shop Manager such a great fit for a growing coffee business? We visited with Cabin Coffee founder Brad Barber in 2013 about why Coffee Shop Manager stood out against the other coffee point-of-sale options that are on the market.

A Feature Rich Solution

Coffee Shop Manager’s specialty coffee design and robust features make it a no brainer for coffee lovers.

“It’s easy to use, it’s affordable, being able to set up the menus just the way you want them and build the drinks…it has hardware, software, everything you need”, says Barber. Additionally, the integrated loyalty cards and Mercury credit card processing make running the register so much quicker and easier. 

Since implementing Coffee Shop Manager, Cabin Coffee has helped their business grow over the past decade with its feature rich, coffee specific tools and features.Within the first year that Cabin Coffee opened, co-owner Angie Barber knew that Cabin Coffee needed more than just a cash register. Angie found an ad in one of the trade magazines about Coffee Shop Manager and how they integrated a customer loyalty card for customers. Angie was interested and impressed with their commitment to service, hardware, software, and that CSM catered specifically to the coffee shop industry. 

Coffee Shop Manager has helped Cabin Coffee continually increase their abilities to exceed customer expectations. Cabin Coffee’s home office in Clear Lake, Iowa utilizes CSM’s Headquarters module to broadcast all their information between all the Cabin Coffee locations for easy reporting and enterprise management.

“CSM is proactive relating to upgrades and updates for our POS,” continues Barber, “Their quality and level of service is superb.” Cabin Coffee seeks businesses to partner that possess and exemplify core values that are kind, positive, committed to long-term relationships, and that thoroughly enjoy their business. “This is the character of Coffee Shop Manager and Granbury Solutions.”

Finding the Right Coffee Point-of-Sale

So what advice would Barber and his team at Cabin Coffee give to others that are looking for the perfect technology solutions for their business? “Find a business that matches your needs, visit and make sure to find the best fit”. To ensure buyers get the most out of their POS investment, Barber goes on to recommend that you “make sure you have all your ducks in a row…know your business inside and out before you choose your point-of-sale.” By fully understanding your coffee shop’s needs and goals, you can make sure to maximize the ROI on your coffee point-of-sale. 

In the coffee business, the only thing better than a great latte is coffee people, and Coffee Shop Manager embraces that philosophy. When reflecting on his relationships working with the people at CSM, Brad boasted their “core values, niceness, ease of working with, and concern about more than just the bottom line” make the people a valuable partner for Cabin Coffee. 

“Coffee Shop Manager and Granbury Solutions are a joy to work with”