You can’t go wrong with Coffee Shop Manager.  I switched over to it about a year ago.  It has almost zero bugs because they have pretty much perfected it.  And, they are also tweaking it whenever necessary to maximize the benefits.  Updates to the system are handled online in less than a minute

Coffee Shop Manager is very powerful.  My restaurant menu has many more items than a typical coffee shop, with many food options available to my Customers.  I also offer high quality espresso, cappuccino and lattes using our La Marzocco machine, and Coffee Shop Manager handles it all effortlessly.

The BIG advantage to Coffee Shop manager is really the support from Granbury’s Help Line.  No matter which POS system you choose, it’s really impossible to fully understand all the possibilities and advantages of any system.  I’m on “First name Basis” with their key support people, and they are as completely helpful and considerate as I could EVER ask for.  This is KEY!!  Christina, Sam and Charlie do whatever is necessary to quickly solve any question.  Usually the protocol is for them to access my Coffee Shop Manager Terminals online and do whatever is necessary to address an issue, all the while patiently teaching me what should be done.  There seems to be zero turnover with their experts which is good.  I don’t have to get use to new people.  Christina, Sam and Charlie are always available to quickly get me out of a jam.

As you use any system, whether it be CSM or another company’s POS, there are new things that you may want to do from time to time, and it’s impossible for any owner/operator to understand everything about any system.  CSM Help Desk will hold your hand and walk you through it.  I’m always amazed with how patient they are with me.  They are very well trained to remember that owners and operators have literally hundreds of things to do each day to run a business, and always knowing the correct steps to address a POS issue is not always “on the front burner”.  I frequently call them and ask the same question I may have asked a month before, “How do you add another item to a particular screen?”, for example, and they never show anything but complete care that I’m satisfied.

I can’t emphasize how important that attitude is.

As far as features, I’m sure there is nothing that CSM can’t do, and if there ever were something you needed to do, they will most likely build that into a tweak and provide an update for the whole system.  As I’ve said, they have been perfecting this for a good period of time.  Watch out going with a new system “right out of the box”.  I don’t care what a salesperson tells you, there are always MAJOR bugs in a new system.  You’re not trying to “reinvent the wheel” here.  You’re doing exactly what 100’s of other coffee shops are doing.  Get a POS system that’s proven, and get a company who will stand behind you in every way, and make sure their Support Team is as good as Granbury’s!

I also use Granbury’s SalesBuilder program.  Get it, and then slowly make it work for you until you are utilizing many of the features it has.  I also have just started Online Ordering using their LetsGet Software.  Again, I slowly begin using it and build my understanding of the features and how best to make it work for me.  You have to “walk before you run”, and these programs allow you to pick the speed with which you move forward.

Your specific question about speed to train Employees:  Very easy, and if you have any question, no matter has small, Christina, Sam and Charlie are always there to answer the question.  Again, I’m sometimes surprised that they don’t show some irritation with me at asking the same question, sometimes on the same day.  But they “get it” that you may have 10 others things you’re doing while trying to listen to an answer from them, and they just calmly walk you through it again.  

Also, never put into your operation a “Free POS System” from a credit card processor or other company.  “You get what you pay for”, period.  I have a restaurant friend of mine down the street who “saved” money with that Free POS System.  When I ask him how it’s going, he just shakes his head in utter frustration.  POS systems that don’t work cost you greatly, and your Customers will not come back if you have constant problems.  Pick a system that is proven and be willing to pay for it.  You can’t Cost/Compare prices too much.  Ask them for their best price, and then just go with it.  It’s really pennies in the long run, and if you have a proven company standing with you, you can’t ask for more than that.


Stephen Williams, President
Cafe Heavenly
115 Flagler Ave
New Smyrna Beach, FL  32169