bellatazza logoEver since college, Stewart Fritchman knew that he loved spending time with a diverse group of people.  That personality trait, combined with his love of coffee, led Stewart to his career in the coffee industry and now to owning Bellatazza, a 2-location cafe and roasting operation in Bend, Oregon.  Coffee Shop Manager point-of-sale has helped run Bellatazza for the last 10 years.

bellatazza bird“I’m very local minded and independent,” said Stewart. “I love people and relationships and that’s why I love the coffee business.   We buy plantation-direct, and I’ve developed real friendships with our growers – that’s important to me.”

“For me, the built-in customer loyalty feature is the absolute number 1 reason I chose Coffee Shop Manager,” said Stewart.  “Having customer names right in the system helps us build those critical relationships.”  Bellatazza loyalty cards occupy the wallets of many of his customers.  “Some customers prefer not to take a card – which is fine – we can still look them up. But when a customer does take a card, I love it.  The cards are advertisements right in my customer’s wallet.”

Stewart offers a “Buy 10 get 1 free” loyalty program, and he likes the fact that he can change it up occasionally or also base it on any items purchase.  “I usually start a new customer off with 5 free punches, so they are half way toward getting their first reward,” he says.  “It’s a great way to welcome a new customer to the city.  I know that a good coffee customer – someone who gets a latte every day – its worth $1200 a year to me.  So it’s a no brainer to give them a free $3 drink once in a while!  Having the program absolutely drives customer loyalty.”

bellatazza cartAnother way Stewart is building loyalty in the area is with his new customized mobile coffee van.  “It’s a custom van and it’s really sexy and so signature ‘us’,” says Stewart.  “When we show up at an event people really want to talk to us about the vehicle – which turns into a coffee transaction and then customer loyalty.  We definitely make money at every event – and we’ve got organizers begging us to come.”



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