As a small business owner, sometimes it can feel like it’s difficult to compete with the “big guys”. With an increasing number of major chain restaurants opening every day, independents and small chains are continually looking to new strategies to maintain a competitive edge. The good news is that today’s technology, specifically with the smart phones your customers carry, can help businesses like yours thrive in a highly competitive market. 

Mobile and online ordering solutions are becoming much larger parts of the competitive landscape across restaurant, quick serve, and beverage shops. These technologies allow you to connect directly with your customers and provide a level of convenience that has been shown to improve order accuracy and frequency. With these major benefits, larger chains are taking notice and starting to leverage mobile ordering and payment solutions to build their bottom lines. 

Starbucks Mobile OrderingStarbucks Coffee is currently testing mobile ordering to compliment their current mobile app and the payment technology their customers can use in their shops. The mobile ordering capability allows customers to place their order in advance from their smart phone so their beverage is ready when they arrive at their preferred Starbucks location. Customers can order, pay, and receive their coffee without the hassle of long lines and Starbucks can now help more customers more efficiently. In a busy shop, time is of the essence and it’s critical to serve customers quickly and efficiently. A long line can send potential customers to one of your competitors, or worse yet, customers may enter line only to get tired of waiting and leave the line frustrated. 

Granbury Coffee Solutions

The reality is that mobile ordering and payment solutions speed up service, getting commuters in Mobile ordering app for coffeeand out of the door quickly. Since your more hurried customers aren’t crowding your shop, the rest of your patrons can enjoy their beverage  in a more relaxed atmosphere inside your shop. Mutually beneficial, right? There is even better news… you don’t have to be a chain giant like Starbucks to leverage this technology in your shop. 

The bottom line is that today’s technology makes it easier to serve customers better. Adding integrated mobile & online ordering is more affordable than you might think in addition to being easy to use with subscription options. Paired best with Coffee Shop Manager features like enterprise reporting, gift card, and customer loyalty marketing, taking advantage of mobile ordering and payment solutions is a no brainer for your business.